Efoil Carts

Efoil Carts

EfoilSolutions Efoil Cart- Various Hydrofoil Cart Sizes with Pockets for eFoiling Accessories



The EfoilSolutions Cart is Custom made to snuggly fit over your Efoil.  We cover most Efoil models, as listed in the table below.  If your board dimensions are not listed, please contact us at support@efoilsolutions.com, and we will add your board to the list for no additional cost.

The EfoilSolutions cart comes in four sizes. It fits Lift foils, Fliteboard, Waydoo, Takuma, Audi E-Tron, WaveShark, Getfoil, JetSurf, Hover Foil, SiFly, and many more.

Both regular wheels and balloon wheels options are available!

Why use the EfoilSolutions cart?

  • Stop breaking your back.  Transport your Efoil from home, to your car or truck, and to the water front WITHOUT TAKING THE EFOIL OUT OF THE cart.
  • NO MORE MULTIPLE TRIPS- carry together your board, battery, remote, and all of your other gear!
  • cushion support will protect your investment from dings and scratches during transport.
  • So easy to launch from a dock without scratching your board.  Click here for a YouTube video demonstration.

 Our EfoilSolutions cart will withstand harsh weather conditions, including direct UV light, and salt water spray.  It can be washed/rinsed as needed.

Modular and compact

This cart comes in a box, easy to assemble.  It is foldable and easy to store.  The wheels come with two options:
a. Axle nut, which permanently locks the axle in place.  This will enable you to lock the cart away near the shoreline while you foil. 
b. Axle pins will enable you to take the wheels off and when storing or if hauled on a car rack and in tight spaces.



Efoil Board Cart Size
Lift e3 Explorer 4
Lift e3 Cruiser 3
Lift e3 Sport 2
Lift e3 Pro 1
Lift 5'6 E1 (2018) 3
Lift 5'0 E1 (2018) 2
Lift e2 Explorer (2019) 4
Lift e2 Cruiser (2019) 3
Lift e2 Sport (2019) 2
Lift e2 Pro (2019) 1
Lift4 Cruiser 3
Lift4 Sport 2
Lift4 Pro 1
Fliteboard Series 2 Air 4
Fliteboard Series 2 4
Fliteboard Series 2 Pro 2
Fliteboard Series 2 Ultra 1
Fliteboard Series 3 Air Pro 3
Fliteboard Series 3 4
Fliteboard Series 3 Pro 2
Fliteboard Series 3 Ultra 1
Fliteboard Air 2019 4 (if deflated)
Fliteboard 2019 4
Fliteboard Pro 2019 2
Hover Foil H5 2020 4
Fliteboard MN60 Wave 1
Fliteboard MNMN86 3
Fliteboard MN60 3
Fliteboard Air 3
Fliteboard Air PRO 2
Waydoo One (2020) 3
Waydoo Flyer one 3
Waydoo Flyer one Plus (Carbon Edition) 3
Waydoo Flyer one Plus (EPP Edition) 3
Waydoo EVO Pro and EVO MAX 2
Waydoo EVO Master Plus 2
Audi e-tron foil Adventure 4
Audi e-tron foil Performance 2
Takuma Cruising & Cruising V2 4
Takuma Carver & Carver V2 3
Takuma 2020 4
WaveShark Explorer 3
WaveShark Sport 2
VeConcept VeCarve 6.0 (2019) 4
Waviator Flyer (2020) 4
Foil 3
Foil X 2
Foil R 2

SiFly Stellar S 3
SiFly Stellar R 4
SiFly E 4
SiFly R 4
SiFly S 3
SiFly Rider 3
SiFly Rider + 3
PWR Foil 2
Jetboards (Side Fins must be off) Cart Size
Radinn X-Sport 4
Radinn FreeRide 4
Radinn Element 4

Electric Surfboards (Side Fins must be off) Cart Size
Waveshark Jetboard 2 Explorer 4
Waveshark Jetboard 2 Sport 4
Jetsurf Adventure DFI 4
Jetsurf Adventure DFI+ 4
Jetsurf Race DFI 4
Jetsurf Titanium DFI 4
Jetsurf Electric 4