Waydoo Collection

Waydoo Collection

EfoilSolutions is proud to feature a new collection for Waydoo in 2024 with three exciting products!  When working hand in hand, these new additions can transform your Waydoo into a better efoil that can compete, on some levels, with more expensive efoil brands.

The first is the EfoilSolutions Streamline I propeller, designed by Streamline 3D.  Several outside testers confirmed our findings:  This propeller is quiet, fast, and significantly more efficient than other available Waydoo props.  Click below to learn more.

The other two products are adapters for Axis and Sabfoil front wings.  When used separately, the prop or the adapters can easily increase your performance.  But when we used them together, we've recorded an amazing increase in efficiency and / or speed.  Click below for more information.

...And before you go... Check out the Size 3 efoil cart.  It was sized with Waydoo in mind, and fits all Waydoo models perfectly!

Pre-Sale price available only until April 1!  Product ships April 2, 2024.