How to carry your Efoil?

Efoils are heavy and awkward to carry.  Depending on the make, model, and battery size, you could expect to lug around a 28 lbs (13kg) battery and a 30lbs (14kg) board, motor, mast, and wings.  For short distances we recommended carrying the battery and board/mast separately from your vehicle to the shoreline. There are three ergonomic friendly positions most people use to carry an efoil, as shown in the pictures below:

Carry Efoil 1



But if you’re dealing with long distances or rough terrain the EfoilSolutions cart may be a good solution.  These light carts come in four general sizes and fit most efoil models on the market as well as several Jet Boards.  They carts are very easy to use, will protect your efoil from dings and scratches, and are affordable (compared to other similar soutions on the market). 

The come with two pockets (except size 1 with one pocket).  The pockets are large enough to fit your battery and other equipment, which will save you multiple trips to the shoreline.  The wheels can be fixed to the axle with either a nut or a pin.  If you plan to take the wheels on and off, the pins will work fine.  But if you wish to lock the cart you can try using the nuts provided (once you use the nuts it will be very difficult to take them off).  The carts were tested over many miles in harsh sand and saltwater environment and over rough terrains.  They have a stainless steel axle and components and they are fully washable.

If you use a dock for your Efoil takeoff, the EfoilSolutions cart will make your launch ENJOYABE, plus you will not scratch your Efoil on the dock ever again.  Here's a link for a demonstration on YouTube.

The EfoilSolutions carts come standard with 14” all terrain wheels but you may choose to replace them with 12” baloon/beach wheels, available to purchase separately on the EfoilSolutions website.  If you wish to learn more about baloon wheels click here.

Efoil Cart