How to fit your Streamline I Propeller to various Waydoo models

Since it was first introduced, Waydoo made several design changes around the motor and stabilization wing that affect the connection of the Streamline Propeller to the motor casing.  

The EfoilSolutions Streamline I kit includes three components: a cylindrical casing that covers the prop casing and provides a smooth transition (The "cone"), The propeller, and the cap that screws onto the shaft and holds the prop in place.

  1. If you ride the Flyer One Plus or the Flyer One with the Upgrade Kit, choose the cone with the protection wedge for the stabilizer wing.  If you ride any other Waydoo model, choose the cone piece without the wedge.
  2. The cone has four mounting holes.  Use the original screws to connect the cone to the motor casing.  Note that due to some design variations, the hole next to the stabilization wing may not line up (see picture).  If this is the case, do not use this mounting screw.  Using only three screws should not affect the integrity of the connection.

  3. Slip the prop over the shaft and pin.  Tighten the cap to the shaft over the prop.  You should observe a small gap between the prop and cone (see picture below).

    If there is no gap (the cone and prop touch each other), remove the cap and prop.  Add the shim ring provided as shown in the picture below then reattach the prop and and cap.  Make sure a gap is visible.

  4. Cap thread:  If you were one of the first adopters, we've sent you a cap with plastic threads.  These threads may strip if the cap is overtightened.  If that has happened, please let us know and we will send you a new cap with stainless steel threads.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at