IV. How to reach that far-away lake with your Efoil

If you're an Efoil addict like me and also like hiking, you may have experienced this moment:  You're standing by a beautiful lake or ocean shoreline and think to yourself..."what I could use right now is my efoil".  Alas, the equipment is heavy, and the trail is treacherous.    

Last year my friend and I reached a beautiful lake through a narrow trail.  Except for a few expensive homes on the far side there was no other access to the lake.  We were stunned by the beauty but we couldn't explore any further.  If only we could get our efoils on the water somehow....

Finally there are carts out there that can take on those difficult trails while protecting the efoil from scratches.  You can find them at  EfoilSolutions, or if you are in Europe you can get one at E-Surfer.  They come in four different sizes and fit all efoils, as long as they are shorter than 6’-4” (193 cm).  

The EfoilSolutions cart is my ticket to Efoil Paradise!  Everything fits in the cart, no more multiple trips.  This cart handles incredibly difficult terrain with ease.  I can reach amazing spots where no one DREAMED of foiling at.  I can bypass those fancy lakefront homes and private docks and enjoy the same lake as those other guys.  Now even secluded narrow beach access is no problem.