Lift Battery Socket Repair Instructions



A repair kit from EfoilSolutions is send with at least one set of the following:

  • Replacement socket housing
  • Fitting template piece for perfect alignment
  • 2-part Epoxy
  • Glue spreading tool
  • Sandpaper
  • Silicone Grease
  • Gloves


  1. Dry-Fit the replacement socket housing with the battery charger. The orientation of the socket should be with the arrow on the socket pointing to the top of the battery.
  2. Grind off the broken housing from the battery, using a power-tool (Dremel works well). Work slowly and carefully.
  3. Use sandpaper to complete the old housing removal.
  4. Clean battery surfaces thoroughly, including inside the socket holes. Use isopropyl alcohol as needed to remove any traces of grime or grease.
  5. Do another dry fit of the replacement housing and template piece over the battery, fitting the template over the replacement socket housing and aligning the two pieces with the electric terminals. Make sure the arrows on the replacement socket point upward towards the top (LED lights side) of the battery.

  6. Mix epoxy.
  7. Apply epoxy to battery and the bottom side of the replacement socket housing, using the provided plastic stick or brush. Do not over apply, as excess epoxy may spill into the socket holes.
  8. Align the replacement housing with the template and glue the replacement housing to the battery, again making sure the arrow points to the LED side of battery. Use a vice or place a weight over the template to hold the glued piece.  Allow to dry for six hours.
  9. Before connecting the battery, apply silicone grease to the inside of the new socket housing. This should be repeated periodically to provide a tight seal around the O-rings and prevent water intrusion.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  You may email us at, or call/text at (626) 888-2664.