"ONE PROP TO RULE THEM ALL" V2 Toroidal, Test Report by Mateo B.


Jeff kindly sent me a 3D printed version of his new prop to test. This was not the final version, and as it was printed, it was plastic, not Aluminum.

The results from testing are amazing, truly a step forward, and I wanted to share them…
Of all my props, (and I have a lot of props!) this new prop:
1) ‘feels’ the best.
2) has the longest run time.
Feel; Quantifying feel is impossible; here are my best descriptions:
The prop feels ‘lighter’…it spins up faster, while providing great ‘bite’ (ability to accelerate).
When rolling off the throttle, the prop offers less resistance, it allows the wing to glide farther and requires less weight shift to maintain proper board trim.
It’s just as smooth as any three bladed prop.
It’s my quietest prop.
I love the way this prop turns: smooth and easy…
Run Time: I am experiencing a 14-15% increase.
My methodology:
I used an Apple watch with the Waterspeed app.. Distance is from when I entered the water till exit. Run time is time foiling; I set the lower speed limit to 5 MPH so that time taxiing, swimming, and hanging out talking to friends is excluded.
I am comparing the average of 6 sessions on the new prop to 41 sessions with the three blade toroidal prop.
I also installed Lift’s new FRP prop for one session, that shows in violet. (Note: When I received Jeff’s three blade toroidal, I immediately compared it to Lifts three blade LCS. My conclusion was that his prop was slightly more efficient, in the 3-5% range. Not what I would call ’significant’, just slightly better. I did prefer the feel of the prop, (better ‘bite’,) and it became my daily rider…) 
In conclusion:
When other Efoilers saw my three blade toroidal prop and asked about it, I would say “ it’s slightly better”, “better bite’, ‘I like how it looks”, “can be used to mix Margaritas!”…I never recommend that my friends buy one; while I felt it was better, for most of them, the performance improvement would not be noticeable.
This prop is different. I will be recommending to my friends to buy one. It provides a noticeable improvement in handling and run time.
At the price Jeff is offering them (particularly now, with a 20% discount),I feel it is a worth while purchase…
Two final notes:
I am not a speed demon , or long distance cruiser…I like to carve hard and bank off the terrain… If your style is one of the first two, I can’t say what your experience will be...
I have not received any compensation from Efoil Solutions for this review..
Happy to answer any questions.
Loving Life
Loving Lift