Should I use Balloon / sand wheels for my Efoil Cart?

Should I use Balloon (Sand) wheels or All-Terrain wheels with my EfoilSolutions Efoil Cart? 

When choosing wheels for your EfoilSolutions Efoil Cart, deciding between Balloon (Sand) wheels and All-Terrain wheels often comes down to the specific conditions you'll encounter.

Our EfoilSolutions Efoil Carts come standard with 14” All-Terrain wheels, which excel on hard surfaces, rough terrain, and beach sand, providing robust performance across varied environments.

For those primarily navigating deep, soft sand, we also offer 10” Balloon Wheels (sold separately with a longer axle). These Balloon Wheels can enhance performance in deep sand conditions, reducing the pull force by 4-8 lbs compared to All-Terrain wheels when moving at a constant walking speed over deep coral sand on level ground.

It's important to note that Balloon Wheels are specifically designed for deep sand and are not recommended for other terrains. If your travels involve multiple surface types or short commutes over deep unconsolidated sand, sticking with the All-Terrain wheels is advisable for overall versatility.

Keep in mind that actual performance may vary depending on factors such as sand type and slope. Choosing the right wheels ensures optimal performance and efficiency based on your specific usage scenarios.